Success Stories

  • Wendy Smith, Team Leader, KW - Lake Norman

    "Bringing on Angelia Black as our productivity coach for the Cornelius Keller Williams market center is the best decision I could've made. She has built from scratch the best program out there. She has gotten the results by pushing her clients and helping them see their own potential while not letting them dream too little. Her methods of strong accountability mixed with wonderful personality make her a 5 star coach for sure. Our office is better because of Angelia."
  • Melanie Colley

    I had been in real estate for about a year when I first met Angelia. I had done well for a first year agent at 14 transactions. I new that hiring a coach could only make things better, but when I hired Angelia I was blown out of the water. I went from 14 transactions in my first year to 10 under contract in the first quarter. (Not to mention the upcoming clients that are in the works!) Angelia has helped me reorganize my thinking, put processes in place and gain confidence. She holds me accountable not only professionally, but personally as well. I highly recommend anyone in whatever stage of their real estate profession to hire Angelia. Not only will you grow professionally, but personally as well.
  • Carrie Bosshart

    I can honestly say, one of the best things I ever did for my business was hire Angelia as my Productivity Coach. I knew if I wanted to take my real estate business to the next level, I needed someone that cared about my success as much as I did. Angelia is that person. She is inspiring, empowering, and encouraging. She has helped me become more focused and confident. Since working with Angelia, I now have my own office at Keller Williams, hired a Closing Coordinator, and hired a Buyer’s Agent. She is taking me from where I was, to where I want to be, and is committed to helping me achieve my goals by offering strategies and holding me accountable.
  • Jason Morton

    "Angelia worked very hard to recruit me to join her coaching program, when she began coaching. I, however, felt that I was doing all of the right things and that I did not need a coach; business for me was going well. After 2 months, numerous meetings with Angelia, and my first Keller Williams BOLD Workshop, I finally realized that my business needed improving and that EVERYONE needs a coach. Since I have been in coaching, I have realized that clarity is power and that in order to be productive, you must time-block and defend your schedule. I am learning something new everyday, thanks to Angelia, and am looking forward to the results that are to come. Angelia is fun, full of knowledge, and she will always hold you accountable! #knowyournumbers"
  • Tara Smith

    Coaching makes me more accountable. Angelia makes it so simple to lead generate. Action creates results!
  • Dee Owens

    Coaching with Angelia Black has thrusted my real estate business into an unstoppable forward motion. The tools and experiences that she provides creates the arrow focused environment for abundant success!
  • Matt Anslow

    One of the things that I enjoy about Angelia’s coaching is that she cares. She wants to see you succeed. She has a passion for helping people. She also holds you accountable for your results.
  • Laura Maultsby

    "I would recommend Angelia to anyone in the real estate business who needs accountability and wants to grow their business. After 12 years in the business, Angelia has encouraged me and motivated me more than anyone I have worked with."
  • Brett Harig

    "I am brand new to real estate and I needed all the help I could get. I've heard stories of agents who've been in the game for a couple of years and haven't had a single transaction. I was pretty intimidated. I joined the coaching group to get information, but it didn't stop there. I make my goals and the coaching program is holding me accountable to them. Since I've been in the group for almost 3 months, I have 3 listings and 2 buyer clients, while still having a full-time job as well.  That's something I thought I wouldn't have for quite a while. But with the push from my coach to stay on top of my game has helped wonders!"
  • Stephanie Landman

    "One of the best decisions I made was to hire Angelia as my productivity coach. She has helped drag out my great qualities to be a more successful Realtor. She empowers me to create better strategies to get the results that I want! She's truthful, BOLD & unswerving and she has a heart of gold!"
  • Linda Royer

    "She has changed my approach to my business and given me the taste of success! She's the best!"
  • Stacy Dowd

    "In June 2016 I joined Angelia’s productivity coaching group. I am so happy I did! Angelia is amazing. She motivates, holds you accountable, and in general steers you in the right direction. She is extremely experienced, knowledgeable, easy to talk to, and a pleasure to work with."
  • Pam Davis

    "Just 2 months in coaching and I have written 8 total contracts and reached a sales volume of $1,856,900. My coach has helped me understand the importance of lead generation, follow up, and how to leverage my business. She has helped me to achieve and exceed all of my goals. I highly recommend productivity coaching and Angelia to anyone who wants to exceed their goals and be pushed beyond their comfort zone. Accountability is the key to success!"
  • Suzie Chelcun

    "I highly recommend working with Angelia! She will give you actionable steps and will hold you accountable. She has been a great resource for me as she is always "on" and ready to help. She is a great coach and friend and truly cares about my success!"
  • Alexandria Corbett

    "I joined the coaching program for the accountability, but mostly to be a part of a supportive and team-like environment. Angelia's program has exceeded my expectations and she took the time to tailor her approach to my individual needs. Thanks, Angelia!"
  • Beth Graichen

    "I joined coaching for the accountability, collaborating, and encouragement that Angelia brings to the table along with the others. Knowing how to start at the beginning and taking it to the next level has been very helpful."
  • Carolyn Weber

    "Angelia is amazing - she will change your business and life! Great coach and friend - 100% upbeat and such a positive influence!